Development Plan
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Recently Completed Projects:

  1. Construction of a Container Terminal (NCT) at New-Mooring area of Chittagong Port.
  2. Construction of North Container Yard (NCY).
  3. Construction of a Bridge over Mohesh Khal to connect CCT & GCB area.
  4. Procurement of 31 Nos. Container/Cargo handling equipment.
  5. Procurement of one Oily Waste Reception Vessel and construction of Porcessing Plant.
  6. Procurement of one Solid Waste collection Vessel
  7. Procurement of Pilot and Utility Vessel P.V. Rakshi.
  8. Construction Two Stage Gate Complex
  9. Installation of Radiation Detection Equipment.

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Chittagong Port Trade Facilitation Project (CPA Component).
  2. Construction of Back-up facilities for NCT berths No. 4 & 5.
  3. Capital Dredging and Bank Protection Work with jetty facilities in Karnaphuli River from 3rd karnaphuli bridge to Sadarghat jetty.
  4. Installation of Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS).
  5. Procurement of One high Power Tug Boat (4500 BHP).
  6. Procurement of one Sea Going Water Supply Vessel.
  7. Replacement of River Mooring No. 4 by Dolphin Jetty.
  8. Installation of surface water Treatment plant.
  9. Procurement of 29 Nos.Container and Cargo handling equipment.
  10. Feasibility Study and design for the Construction of Karnaphuly Container Terminal (KCT).
  11. Procurement of one Modern Survey Boat with Multibeam Echo Sounder.
  12. Construction of CPA Hospital Complex in place of existing Hospital.
  13. Procurement of three Reconditioned Container Vessels to ply Chittagong-Pangaon Route.
  14. Repair and Renovation of 1200 for Slipway and workshop.

Up Coming Projects:

  1. Re-location and Construction of Custom Ware House-cum-shed.
  2. Shifting and Re-construction of Service Jetty located near Dock office to the up-stream of Jetty No. 1.
  3. Strategic Master Plan for Chittagong Port (Under ADB’s TA).
  4. Construction of Laldia Bulk Terminal under Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
  5. Construction of 3 Nos. 15 Storied Residential Building (A, B, C Type).
  6. Construction of Cardiac unit beside Proposed CPA Hospital Complex.
  7. Procurement of 2 Nos. Rail Mounted Quay Gantry Crane for Pangaon ICT.
  8. Construction of CPA Tower Building.
  9. Procurement of Heavy duty rescue-Cum-Pilot Vessel (40)
  10. Replacement of Tug Boat Kandari-6.
  11. Procurement of Equipment for NCT.
  12. Construction of Car Parking Shed.

Future Projects:

  1. Construction of Karnaphuli Container Terminal (KCT).
  2. Procurement of Dredger.
  3. Construction of Overflow yard at New Mooring area.
  4. Construction of Patenga Container Terminal.
  5. Construction of Bay Terminal for expansion of Port facilities.
  6. Procurement of 200 ton Multipurpose floating Crane.
  7. Procurement of Vessels and Crafts.
  8. Construction of a Truck/Trailer Terminal.

Computerisation Automation:

  1. Hospital Management System.
  2. Estate Management System.
  3. Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).
  4. Information of Computerized Container Terminal Management System (CTMS).

Privatization Initiatives:

  1. Appoint of Private Terminal Operator for Operation & Management of NCT on SOT basis.
  2. Appoint of Private Terminal Operator for Operation of Pangaon ICT.

Study Consultancy:

  1. Feasibility Study for Construction of one new ICD near Dhirasram Railway Station in Gazipur District.
  2. Port Efficiency Improvement Plan (PEIP).
  3. Techno-Economic Feasibility study for Deep Sea Port in Bangladesh.
  4. Feasibility study for Construction of Karnaphuli Container Terminal (KCT)-Awaiting Financial offer from BRTC/BUET for appointment as consultant.
  5. Feasibility study for Construction of Laldia Bulk Terminal (Consultant will submit final report shortly).

A. Short Term

  1. Carry out Hydraulogical/Geomrophological Study and Preparation of a Strategic Master Plan jointly by CPA and ADB. (Coordination with ADB is in progress).
  2. Study for Construction of Exposition-cum-Convention Center. (TPP sent for Govt. approval. Land acquisition underprocess).
  3. Feasibility Study for Procurement of one Floating Crane (TPP prepared).

Brief Description of the Ongoing Projects under ADP 2009-2010

The Chittagong Port being the principal seaport of Bangladesh handles about 92% of maritime trade of Bangladesh. With the economic growth of the country and government response towards globalization and trade liberalization, cargo handling at Chittagong port has been rising sharply. Because of the steady growth in the volume of container arriving at the port, the port authority has been implementing various development programs in phases.

Implementation positions of the ongoing projects included in ADP 2009-2010 are described below:

i) Chittagong port trade facilitation project (ADB funded).

The objective of the project is to increase the capacity of the container terminals in Chittagong Port and enable it to be at par with international port security and environmental standards. In the medium term, the project will lead to reduction in service time; lower shipping and port charges, which will foster more international trade. The project is funded by ADB and comprises three main components: i) CPA Component, ii) CHC (Customs House of Chittagong) Component and RHD (Roads and Highway Department) Component. CPA Component comprises the following:

  1. Reconstruction and up gradation of internal roads and bridge between CCT and the general cargo berths and improvement of two access points (gates) to expedite intra-port traffic flow.
  2. Construction of 900m port-service road and a bridge to provide direct access from the yard to port park.
  3. Installation of a computerized Container Terminal Management System(CTMS) including Digital Global Positioning System(DGPS) and up gradation of the existing management information system.
  4. Improvement of the port environment and environmental capacity of CPA by Installing facilities for receiving and separating oil waste from ships and construction of monitoring office/laboratory etc.

All the components of the project are being executed under 05(five) packages (CPA-1, CPA-2, CPA-3 & CPA-5) complying ADB’s guidelines. Out of five packages two packages namely civil work for waste collection and disposal facility (CPA-3) and port service road 1st phase (CPA-5) have already been completed. Remaining three packages such as CTMS and MIS (CPA-1), Oily Waste collection and disposal Vessel (CPA-2) and reconstruction/up gradation of internal road and Canal Bridge between the CCT and GCB area and Gate Control equipment (CPA-4) are in progress.

ii. Construction of Back up Facilities behind Berth # 4 & 5 of New Mooring container terminal

The main objective of the project is to ensure efficient and full-fledged operation of the newly built New Mooring Container Terminal (NCT). The DPP of the project with an estimated cost of Tk.114.48 crore was approved by Govt. on 10 November 2008. The consultant for the project has been appointed and Prequalification (PQ) of the contractors for civil construction has been completed. Tenders will be invited shortly from the short-listed contractors.

iii) Construction of Inland Container Terminal (ICT) at Pangaon:

The main objective of the project is to construct a Container River Terminal at Pangaon, Dhaka for handling containers to be transported by inland waterways from and to the maritime ports of Chittagong and Mongla. The second Revised DPP of the project is under process for Govt. approval at an estimated cost of Tk. 177.57 crores. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) with Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) is implementing the Project in joint venture. The entire investment cost will be borne by CPA. To this direction an MOU has been signed between CPA and BIWTA. The implementation work of the project is in progress and expected to be completed by June 2010.